Customized Personal Training Solutions

The Streamline Fitness Training staff is both trained and dedicated to helping you develop a custom "road map" to lead you to achieving your personal fitness goals. We offer a wide variety of options to help fit your budget all while achieving the success you desire. Call us now, 404-543-4244.

Each personal training session first begins with an assessment. During this assessment, we use the following tools to help us gauge where you are:
  Strength/Flexibility Testing
  Cardiovascular Assessment
  Body Alignment Testing
  Girth Measurements and Body Fat % Taken*

These results are then used as a basis for a discussion on where you'd like to go. We provide you with the following tools to help you get there:
  Realistic and Achievable goals
  Food/Weight Management Tools
  Body Alignment Testing

We then determine how you will get to your destination by aligning your fitness goals with one of our personal training packages.
  Streamline Fit - 2 Kickboxing sessions per week
  Streamline Excel - 3 sessions per week(core, cardio,    resistance)
  Streamline Pro - 4+ sessions per week

Under no circumstances will we give up on you. So what are you waiting for?