"Since training with Reggie at Streamline Fitness, I’ve noticed not only my physical capabilities but mental as well. I’ve had more energy and motivation and enjoy every work out. I love how each workout is different from the last with a different change of pace. Recently, I just overcame a fitness hurdle and can say that’s one of the best feelings of my fitness journey, yet. Thanks to the patience and encouragement of Reggie, I know that my body and mind can exceed more. One of Reggie’s quotes will always stick with me throughout changing my lifestyle to be healthier and motivate myself even more; “You’re not tired! You’re tired when you walk out that door!” That quote is way too true when working out at Streamline Fitness. " - Lauren

"I have been training with Reggie for almost 2 years and I wouldn't trade him! I came in fed up with my physique and really wanted a change. I didn't know anything about diet and healthy eating choices. He is very professional and encouraging by giving you realistic advice... I would be far ahead in my fit lifestyle if I would have listened to him from the beginning! However, he works with you and lets you know that you aren't alone in your journey and "YOU CAN DO IT!!" Every diet and workout isn't for everyone and he is always knowledgeable on helping you reach your goal. He is especially great with children. I can really call Reggie and the whole Streamline Team family." - Adrienne

"I started with Streamline Fitness in the winter of 2012. I was little afraid at first because I have not worked out in a long time. I met Reggie and we hit it off ever since, the work outs were very intense to me. I was determined to do it with the help of Reggie. The support system the members and I formed was to help each other through. All I can say streamline fitness is the best and I can't wait to be a part of the team again. " - Terrance C.

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